Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Please note that notes are always kept securely on a user's device, and only the user can access the notes.
"Notepad Free" app collects information as described in Privacy Policy. For serving ads it uses InMobi ad network. InMobi displays personalized ads using advertising ID provided by Android devices. Sharing advertising ID with InMobi may be interpreted as selling personally identifiable information in CCPA terms.

To opt-out of using personalized ads by InMobi please visit the InMobi's opt-out site.

To opt-out of seeing personalized ads on a device please follow the instructions on Google page. This instructions page can also be opened in the "Notepad Free" app, from Privacy settings screen in the app.

To make use of any right (to obtain, delete, or opt-out from using personal information) provided by California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) please send an email to